207575 – The Blind Footslave – Miss Yuna

Playing blind cows was always such an exciting game back then. But times are changing. Today Miss Yuna prefers to play "blind slave smells the foot" with her subordinates.Certainly not the most boring game to pass the time with. In addition, our Miss Yuna is indeed an absolute treat. It looks really fantastic the way she sits there. Full of anticipation for proper treatment of her delicate feet, ankles and legs. Every move really has to be done properly. It is a real delight to look at her like that. It must be real agony not being able to see anything. What he misses. These fantastic high heels, this great skirt and these nylons. But even if he doesn’t see anything he is very close. He is a poor sighted guy with nimble fingers and a quick tongue. Still superfluous in the end!
The Blind Footslave - Miss Yuna
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