207754 – Unaware crushed under the giantess’ boot and stuck to it

You must be a really brave – or really stupid – tiny guy … coming that close to a giantess that doesn’t notice you and watching her heavy boots up close – aren’t you aware how easy I could crush you under these boot soles?! As tiny as you are I wouldn’t even notice! You crawl around my boots while I’m smoking a cigarette – and I’m completely unaware of your existence! And you’re not even scared of when my boot almost crushes you as I reposition my foot! But of course, the inevitable happens! As I get up, I step right onto your tiny body, crushing the bottom half of your body so you’re stuck in the deep tread of by boot soles – and then I just continue to walk. There’s nothing you can do about it – you’re crushed more and more with each of my steps, probably screaming in pain and the only thing you can do is watch my giantess body from below! By the time I get back to my car there’s really not much left of you – and as I sit down in the driver’s seat, I finally notice you! I think there’s no way to save you anymore … too much of you is crushed into a pulp … so I’ll end your suffering … by completely crushing you under my boot!
Unaware crushed under the giantess' boot and stuck to it
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