208345 – Controlled and drained

I knew you would come back to me as the good financial slave you are. You are one of my most loyal slaves. I know you like everything you see in me and no matter how much I humiliate you, you will always come back for more. Come closer, because I have an important message: all I want from you is your money. I’m going to drain your wallet, day by day, because I know you want to see me happy and I’m only interested in you as my ATM. But I’m going to control you in a way you’ve probably never experienced: with my pendulum. I’m going to fuck your mind like you’ve never been fucked before. I want you to listen to me while you watch the pendulum swing. You’re going to follow my every command. You love to listen to my voice, to follow the obligations I impose on you. Remember: your money is mine. You deserve nothing but humiliation as your wallet empties in my favor. You feel a warmth inside you because you are getting hard, you can’t help touching yourself, but you are docile and manipulable. Continue to jerk off like a real loser while you send me tributes and I suck you dry. Repeat after me: I work for my Goddess Dana and I cum only for her. I will control your sexual pleasure and your financial life, you are going to be drained by me in every way!
Controlled and drained
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