208365 – Smell my sweaty socks

I have something special for you. Can you guess what it is? You know I like to train and sometimes I come home tired and with sweaty feet, especially my socks. They are very sweaty and smell strong. I want you to kneel on the floor. Let’s do something fun, especially for me: start by sniffing my shoes. I take off a shoe and put it on your face so you can smell it deeply. You’re a little piggy and I know you’re going to like this game. Sniff deep inside my shoes. I bring my sweaty shoe insole up to you so you can stick your tongue out and lick it. But we’re going to go further. How about you sniff deep into my socks? You can almost feel my scent, can’t you? You feel like the socks are really sticking to my feet from the sweat. I know you’ll do just fine with that little piggy nose of yours. I want you to stick your fucking tongue out and lick my socks. You’re so good at this kind of filth and I love to laugh at you. Feel privileged, because you’re going to get a double ration: when you’re done with my left foot you’ll do the same with my right! You can tell I train hard, because my socks smell really bad. You can smell it and you can feel it, can’t you? The final step is to take my socks off so you can see my bare feet and smell and lick them.
Smell my sweaty socks
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