208313 – I humiliate the loser with spit

I know this loser is completely disgusted by spit – so obviously I love to use this to humiliate him! I stand over his face and spit down onto his face – again and again! Quickly his whole face is covered in my spit and I use my sexy high heels to rub it around on his face. He’s extremely disgusted and begs me to stop – but I enjoy this way too much! He deserves to be humiliated like this! And after I’ve rubbed all of this disgusting spit through his face, my shoe soles are full of spit as well – so I sit down on the couch and order him to lick the spit off my high heels as well – before ordering him to lick the spit from the floor and leaving this loser behind!
I humiliate the loser with spit
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