209108 – Sniff sweaty leathery step-aunt’s feet

Step-aunt has been wearing her black tights for several days. They now smell very sweaty and leathery with a slightly cheesy smell. Come closer and sniff my feet! You should take in the scents very intensively with your nose! Step-aunt remembers how it all started. Many years ago I caught you secretly sniffing my leather shoes! That’s how it came out, yes, I knew then that you were a foot sniffer. And now you’ve been sniffing my step-aunt’s feet for so many years. You love it! Then step-aunt thinks about what she’s going to cook tonight. She decides it should be something with cheese. That goes well with my foot smells today. And after dinner you should continue sniffing my feet all evening while I watch a film.
Sniff sweaty leathery step-aunt's feet
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