209245 – Speedy joy ride on the Autobahn

I know you love to see me driving – especially when I go really fast, right? I’ll take you on a ride on the Autobahn now – on a section without a speed limit! And you’re not only allowed to watch my sexy feet in high heels on the car’s pedals – but you’ll get to see the speedometer as well. Isn’t it exciting to see my right foot flooring the gas pedal and see the speedometer climb higher and higher? Unfortunately, while there’s no speed limit, there are other cars on the Autobahn and I’ve to break a few times … but of course, I’ll step right back on the gas once they move over! Towards the end of our little joy ride it starts to rain … but not too bad and I can still drive pretty fast! Maybe next time, I’ll take you on a late-night drive … then we won’t have that much traffic!
Speedy joy ride on the Autobahn
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