209355 – Dirty kisses in the woods

While on a walk together Harley and Melissa decided to get to know each other better, they wanted to go deep into the woods and enjoy each other’s attention and affection alone, luck was on their side and they found a nice deserted place. Comfortably seated, Harley told Melissa about buying a new lipstick, she had a cunning plan in her head and knew what she would do with it, but she started with an innocent suggestion, she offered to paint Melissa’s lips, assuring her that this color would suit her perfectly. Melissa guessed that Harley wanted more than just lipstick and later she admitted it herself, hearing her say that she wanted to lick all the lipstick off Melissa’s lips, to do it very dirty with her saliva and tongue, Melissa wanted it too, so the girls’ tongues were passionately entwined in each other’s hot embrace.open to your individual orders!follow us on twitter KingdomSlaves and FFantasyStudio!
Dirty kisses in the woods
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