209408 – We are laughing about you

I love your preparedness. You only just got here and you’re already on your knees without me having to tell you. You are willing to do anything for your Goddess… and for my husband too! Just now he is calling me. What a sad life you have, that you have to be on your knees before me, without paying any attention to you, while you watch me talk to him! You must be dying of envy. Accept it, you are a loser and you will never become like my partner, a true alpha who surpasses you in everything. I only use wimps like you to serve me. Accept that you come here, get on your knees and contemplate my perfect ass…. what more can you ask for? You don’t aspire to anything else. Only to be left in desire and end up jerking off like a pig. Don’t you dare interrupt me… Quiet! What’s more, I’m going to make you feel useful: your face is perfect for me to sit on and make myself comfortable while I continue talking to my husband on the phone. I love having my ass spread on your face while we laugh at you. I imagine you’re going to be horny as hell while I humiliate you, but I know you’re going to put up with everything I tell you. You’re going to listen to our whole conversation, how we left you on the floor, when we decided to have you jerk off, what we’ll do next weekend. Who knows, maybe we’ll send you pictures and videos so you can see how my husband fucks me hard while you pay for our whims. It will be an experience you’ll never forget. Keep paying and keep jerking off!
We are laughing about you
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