209757 – My BM cartel 2

This clip is for my piggies, my victims, (BM) interested parties as well as for the dear ladies (who let their subjects buy this video for them) to get a new view of the extent of blackmail. Some slaves literally beg me to be blackmailed by me, but for me personally it’s much funnier to see how it pulls the rug out from under my victims’ feet when they absolutely don’t expect it. And some people were already wondering how it could happen that they were written to and put under pressure by an unknown goddess (Me) without ever handing over any information to me… Well, ladies, I would like to give you my strategy imagine and explain how easy the whole information-gathering game can be; which will also be very exciting for those interested in BM! You stupid victim think I don’t know you?! Wait a minute…I’ll get everything I need to know about you to make you pay for it! Hahahahaha
My BM cartel 2
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