209865 – Slapped Hard By The Bikerlady – Mistress Cloe

today we have the 2nd part of our bikerlady-series starring beautiful german lady mistress cloe dressed in a biker outfit. after the slave has failed in worship her in an acceptable way in the first part its time now for getting more serious.for beeing a lousy bootlicker the slave is punished now by hard faceslapping. so she starts to slap the face of the pathetic slave from the beginning with fast and hard slaps. but wtf? our slave gets a boner from this? what a ridicolous guy. mistress cloe doesnt like when her slave has a hard on without beeing allowed to have one. so he has to slap it by himself down, but again he fails. so he gets more slaps. hard slaps. mistress cloe really swings through the face of the slave with her leather gloves making the slave see some stars and hear the birds singing. he also has to count the slaps and to be honest – we lost counting. he recieves too many hits from the cruel hands of his owner. and to be honest more: our slave is into faceslapping but mistress cloe really brings him to his limit here.
Slapped Hard By The Bikerlady - Mistress Cloe
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