317 – CLIP – Its “Balloonskillingtime” in my bathroom – and the end of a stool :o)

The soil in the bathroom lies fully with balloons for a clipdesire. I wear a pink petticoatdress today, my feet in open toe pumps…..my long legs are naked. Your first view is over my WHOLE body when i sit on a stool between all the multicolored balloons. I start with the first balloon… squezzing and stomping him under one bare feet… let him burst with a loud bang under the heel of my open toe pumps. I stand up and the second one with the spiky heel. The next ones explouds under my butt… then i wedge one between my legs… press him firmly…. unfortunately without success…. thus it is sacrificed my pointed heel… then comes one under my sole… dig my sole and toes in the soft rubber… etc. etc. etc. One balloon after the other burst with massive loud bangs. Its a special scene in this clip when i whip with my tush up and down… back and forth… on a balloon. He will not burst, so i must whip harder…. he burst with a massiv bang… and the stool under my tush breaks too with much noise :o))) i sit on the floor and and must laugh so loud at this unplanned show. But this situation saves the others balloons not of her end ;o) I get them all… until only many small rubber pieces remain. Have fun with great scence from different perpectives and the excellent close ups. Total length of this top quality clip is 12:52

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