326 – CLIP – saturday is furbish day (MPG)

for you…i deseam my bath in a very sexy outfit. a short latexskirt…a tenderly resplendet pantyhose…and my lovely black heels on my feet. i must bend myself far forward to wipe the dirt of…my heels whip up and down in my motion, and you have a very good view over my whole body. particulary the https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=46dipping-friendshttps://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=46 will be pleased about this clip. and naturally, i do not forget the friends of posing…high arches and my well-know close ups. total length of this clip 7:27

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