477 – CLIP – Walking and posing in rubber flipflops (MPG)

I stand on a timber bridge… enjoy the warm sun on my skin… dressed in a bleu, short dress… my long bronzy legs are naked…. on my feet a pair of rubber flipflops and some silver foot jewerly… my pretty toenails are freshly polished in a sunny red. You have at the beginning time for a viwe on my feet and toes… then i go over the bridge… you hear excellent the slapping of the shoes on my soft soles. I posing for you at the end of the bridge… shoe you nearly my pretty toes… give you views under them… under my soles… over my long legs. Then comes a walking scene… sometimes is the camera in front of me… sometimes behind me. I sit down on the wooden soil… give you views over my whole body… before you see (and hear) the next walking scene. Enjoy the sunny moment with me. Total length 8:20

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