580 – CLIP – Kamila and DonKichote

This is one of the first meetings I organized. My friend DonKichote is lying on the floor. He loves BIG girls and flats. The girl in the film is tall and she weighs 88 kg! First, there is a small warm-up: she walks on his chest but also, upon his request, she stands on his head and neck. Don takes off his shirt and she gives him a back massage in sports shoes with spiky soles. She leaves white marks on his back with every step she takes. She also stands on his head. Then it gets a bit extreme. She first jumps on DonKichote from a table that?s about 60 cm high, then from the parapet ? almost one meter high!!! Then she steps on his tongue. There is also a bonus ? our female friends made a photo session on wooden boards placed on our backs. Time: 10.54 min.

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