649 – CLIP – Julia & Agnes

The full version. 3 men lie on the floor. Julia, wearing black high-heels, steps all over them. She invites her friend in and sits on a chair. She orders one of the men to take off her shoes and the other one to pass her another pair. She stands up. Standing on one of the men lying on the floor, she invites her friend to try. Both of them walk all over the men. One of the men shrieks in pain. Julia put on a pair of high-heeled boots. Agnes starts her trampling session. Julia instructs her how to walk all over men. The ladies pour each other drinks. Agnes has no mercy, she presses her heels into the man?s body. It hurts him the most when she steps on his bellybutton. He can?t take it anymore….She tramples on two men now. Julia tells her slave to put a gag on one of the men lying on the floor so that he won?t groan. The other one lies on his stomach. Walking on someone?s back in shoes is very painful, but he doesn?t seem to mind. She tells him to lie on his back once more and jumps barefoot all over his chest. While Julia is jumping on him, Agnes makes him kiss her shoes. Time: 17.51 min.

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