817 – CLIP – For the fans of my plateau high heels – legs and feet in black fishnet (MPG)

You see me today in my hotelroom… standing in the bathroom. Your first view are on my feet… in these marvelous black plateau high heels… my well formed legs in a black fishnet pantyhose. Your eyes enjoy the sight… the color of my toenails looks so fantastic to net fishnet and the heels. I set me down…. check my make-up… leave you the time to enjoy my long legs and my feet…. spend you a smile when i feel your view. I stand up after a while… check my outfit in the mirror… move up and down… set me again and file my fingernails. Then i go back in the room… take me a magazin and set me on a armchair… cross my legs and start to read. You see excellent close ups and views from different perspectives.

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