2830 – CLIP – I overtax my vacuum cleaner with enormous amounts of fir needles (WMV)

A clipdesire from a very charming custom comes true :o) It is time to dispose the Christmas tree and to clean the carpet from all the dry fir needles. Dressed in a nifty, showy, red dress… bare feet in mules… and long naked legs. The clip starts that i carry the tree on the balcony. No simple thing – because the needles sting my naked skin and the tree is heavy. I bend me down to close the latch from the balcony-door… go through the room… take my vacuum cleaner and begins with my work. The ground nozzle glide over the carpet and suck up the dry needles – you can hear excellent the sound of the needles when the vacuum cleaner greedily absorbs. I bend me forwards to suck up at the edge along and from the corners. Then i place one feet on the nozzle… remove the pipe from the nozzle and let the pipe suck the needles. Suddenly the cleaner strike… to much needles for him. I remove the pipe and clean the blockage. I continue to suck, only with the short tube… suck up the needles under my soles… under my toes… around my shoe. After a while… the cleaner strikes a second time – to much for him. I kneel down and open the cleaner… check the connection from the flexible tube and start again to suck up the rest of the needles from the ground. I know that these enormous amounts is an agony for the cleaner :o) but i love it to torment. Enjoy all the great close ups.

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