3004 – CLIP – Have a break – enjoy my dangling and dipping (RM)

I sit on the terrace of a cafe and wait for a friend for a \https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=46coffee-time.\https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=46 I wear a black dress…. a tan pantyhose and my new red pumps…. sit in the chair… cross my legs and start a long danglingscene. The cam goes around and offers you lots of close up… when i play with the shoes, drop them on the floor…. begin to dip my feet into them…slowly let my toes slide over the slippy and smooth insole… show you my highly arched feet dangling… my heels and crossing my legs again and again.

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