3081 – CLIP – AIRPORT – PART 4


Lets see, if our dirty ugly stewardess is ready for her job at the airport. Because this slut is too stupid to be allowed to work on a real plane she has to show her abilities in the skyline shuttle train. She is responsible for the service and that means to welcome the passengers, to say good bye, to offer some drinks for the others and even to massage Lady Claudias feet. We are having fun while the stewardess is showing the evacuation route in a case of an emergency. See the real planes that our little slave wants to work in, but that is too good for this little slut. Being in the terminal area I order my personal stewardess to ask a cleaning lady if she needs any help with her work! See the reactions of the others as we are going through the airport and the dirty slut is begging for some little money. Then it is time for some fun. Because our stewardess is working for our amusement she has drive us while we are sitting in the trolley. she has to walk faster and faster while you can see the others passing by. Even a staff member of the airport is looking surprised as he sees us and our dirty little slave. She has to greet him by blowing him a kiss before I order our slave to lay down on a bench and start wanking while you can already hear the steps of the others coming nearer and nearer. Of course the slave has to beg for money over and over again. Being in the busy terminal Lady Claudia wants to be carried on the slave. Her wish has to be fulfilled and so she is sitting on his shoulders for a while. To make him more rediculous he has to hold her high heel in his mouth the whole time. At the end of the day the stewardess has to pay for our parking bill, so see him adressing the other people if they are able to give him some money…

This description contains part 1 to 4.


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