3229 – CLIP – My well formed nyloned legs – walking and posing in wooden mules (WMV)

Another desire comes truely today. You want to see my long legs in a tender pantyhose… my tushie in a jeans hot pant and on my feet my white wooden mules. I park my park before your nose… open the door and slip into my shoes. (i love it to drive bare feet) … give you a view over my whole body… the camera approaches more and more… on my nyloned legs and toes. I get out of the car and go the small road along… the camera is behind me. You see different scenes…. sometimes when i stop at the demarcation to leans me on… bend me forwards and stretch my legs…. or when i sit down to give you views on my toewiggling and under my toes… when i spread and curl them…. walking scenes when the camera is in front of me… posing on the street… excellent sound when i slapped with the mules over the street… on my soles…. many excellent close ups… when i tease you with my nyloned toes. I set me again at the end for more views over my well formed legs and says good-bye with a dangling scene.

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