3282 – CLIP – Vacuuming after the Christmasevening Part 1 (WMV)

After the Christamas Eve needs my livingroom urgently a cleaning. Everywhere lying remainder from gift paper… crumps from the X-mas cookies… nutshells. Thus I snatch the vacuum cleaner and begins with the work. You see me today in a very short skirt… my legs are naked… and wear on my feet new open toes pumps in pink/black. I suck the carpet around the Christmas tree – the papers… nuts etc. crackle in the tube when the cleaner sucks them up. I bend me far forward so that also the dirt from the corner gets away. So you have a wonderful view over my naked, slim legs….. my whole body up. Then i squat me down (later i kneel down) and spends you nice \https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=46vacuuming-games.\https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=46

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