3372 – CLIP – Stripped, whipped, and kicked

Belinda has just acquired a new mask and a new cat of nine tails. She boots Roger in the balls and forces him to strip to his boxers, whipping him as he takes his clothes off. Then she makes Roger stand up and take kicks to the balls with her boots. Whenever he falls down from the pain, Belinda whips Roger all over his body with her whip. She hits him in the arms, legs, body, ass and balls with it. As they play their game, Roger struggles to stay standing after being kicked in the balls so he can avoid being whipped, but Belinda continues to whip him even when he\’s standing up. After playing for a while, Belinda begins to simply bully Roger with her kicking and whipping, offering him no opportunity to recover from the pain. She makes sure Roger knows exactly who is in charge. She kicks and whips him for her enjoyment. She flogs him and steps on his balls, telling him he\’s a bitch and making him admit that he is. This is a very intimate clip, and at some point we get to see Belinda begin kissing Roger. Even during this, though, it is very clear who is in charge, as Belinda ends her kissing by kneeing him in the balls and then grabbing them for a good squeeze. We\’re proud to offer this unique glimpse into the private lives of our stars, and we think you\’ll really enjoy it!

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