28731 – CLIP – Three Tickle Delight – Full Version

I love when you have three beautiful ticklees at your mercy. In this one, we have new girl Lizz up first. The girls verbally taunt her, but then poke and prode her up to a nice tickle climax. They then dig in. From head to toes they work her over nicely. Next up, Renee.. Renee has been around for a few years now. But one thing I love about when the girls get her good is that kicking feet stuff. Tied or not, those feet get a kicking. Better yet, she is ticklish everywhere and the girls capitalize… Last but not least Jillian. She is another I love seeing get tickled. Not only because she is very ticklish head to toes, but the facial expressions are priceless. Bucking, kicking, pleading. Nothing is going to stop the merciless tickling, and since she is last. They whip out all kinds of tickle revenge on her for your delight!

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