25531 – CLIP – fd – mw – BLACK WIDOW – FULL – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 32:46. REQUEST:\ this clip, I would like for you to play the part of a beautiful young wife of a rich and powerful man.At the start, you walk into a room and find a piece of paper that your husband arranged with his lawyer so that when he divorces you, nothing will be left to you (his wife). He is angry because since you were both married, you never let him have sex with you. Also you see a note under this paper that shows he is planning to divorce you very soon. And so you will be left with nothing. You are shocked! But also you have a plan to beat your husband at this game.  You wait for your husband to return, and join him in the room. You are wearing a bath robe or long raincoat. Your husband tells you about his plans to divorce you and leave you with nothing. You beg him not to do it, but he doesn\’t care and refuses to listen to you.Now you stand in front of him, open your coat, and drop it to the floor. Now you are only wearing your shiny satin negligé (like in your clip mi – mw – SEXY MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION) You know how much he finds you attractive and begin to tease and seduce your husband making him crazy. You tell him that if he destroys this paper and stops the divorce, you will have sex with him. He tries to resist, but you stand very close to him, showing off your sexy legs and body and caress his balls until he cannot resist anymore. He agrees to your idea and destroys the paper and decides not to divorce you. You have a big smile on your face as you know that you will not be left with nothing. But now you realise that you cannot trust him. Now we see that you have a very clever plan to take revenge on your husband for making such an idea in the first place.You decide that you will get rid of your husband and take everything that he has. Now you are wearing the same clothes that you wore in the first custom clip you made for me. Thief Woman Wrestling. The black shiny pants and black satin shirt. And please, again with the blood red lipstick and hair in pig-tails :)You walk into the room and find your husband sitting on the sofa. He asks you why you are dressed all in black. You don\’t answer him.Instead you show him a paper. You tell him to sign it. He reads it, and starts to laugh! He tells you that you are crazy! That it will mean everything he has and owns will belong to you after he is dead. He refuses to sign, and laughs that he is strong and healthy and will live for many years.You stand very close to him, smile, and slap him on the face.I would like to see you fight with him on the floor. Pinning him down, forward and reverse facesitting. Also a few more face slaps would be great. Is it ok to ask if you can knee him in the balls a few times while he is on the floor? I leave it to you if it\’s possible :)Also i would love to see you breast smothering his face (with your shirt still on, of course:) I\’d like to hear you telling him how he has the powerful job, but really you are far more powerful than him and also much smarter and stronger. Then you put him in a reverse head scissors like in the first film. Again with the camera pointing to your ass. You are looking at him, smiling. He is now feeling much weaker as you keep beating him.With you still holding him in the reverse head scissors for some time, you give him the contract and tell him to sign it or you will break his neck in your thighs.He signs because he can feel your legs are too strong for him.Slowly you stand up. You are smiling and teasing him how you are now entitled to all his money and properties.Your husband is still lying on the floor. Very weak, but he says… \ can have the contract, but it means nothing because i am still young and i will live very long\ stand over your husband… with one leg either side of his body with him looking up at you and your hands on your hips. (Here i would love to see camera angles from both the behind, so we can see your ass, and also from the front so can see your beautiful face). Again you are smiling. Then you say \ said you will live beyond today?\ you lie down on top of him, and again you breast smother him. He struggles to breathe, but this time you will not allow it. You stay in this position for a couple of minutes. Until he is finished!You check his breathing, and to see if he is finished. When you are satisfied, you smile and give him a kiss on the cheek.Slowly you stand up, look into the camera and say… \ He thought he could beat me. But i am too smart and too strong. I beat him very easily\ you walk out of the room with the paper and the camera pointing to your bottom.\ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=25531 &iid=25531