24600 – CLIP – pov – ls – FLOOR DANCE – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 6:56. Request:\ camera is down at floor level, and Lady Sylwia dance over \ as if I had fallen over in a disco, and she were dancing unaware and carefree over me. Her dancing feet just missing me being stomped on! :)But then, she look down and see me…… and smiling, you then do lots of stomping… stomping hard the floor nearby the camera (as if stomping on the ribs in my chest =)))) the THUMP sounds as your foot hits the floor will sound awesome. Finishing me off with a stomp directly over the camera lens, as the heel goes into my eye.\ clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com

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