27491 – CLIP – fs – mw – UP SKIRT – FULL – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 28:55. The scenario is this: \ have a man working in your house. He is on the floor fixing some cupboards. You come in to the room to get something. You are standing next to him. You are wearing a long skirt and the pink & black boots from your `Long sexy facesitting` clip . The man is trying to look up your skirt. You notice & ask him what he is looking at. He is embarrased and says `Nothing!` You push him on to his back step astride him and say ` You are trying to look at my panties!` (Can this camera angle be on the floor looking up?) Is this what you are trying to see? I will give you a closer look` you sit on his face. After a little while you sit on his neck and ask `Do you like what you see. Is it a nice view?` He says yes. ` Cheeky man!…. Do you  really like me sitting on your face?` He says yes. You have an idea. `I will sit on your face longer if you agree to work for nothing. What do you say?` The man agrees. You say `Stay there I will be back`  You go to change in to a short skirt (or dress)  fishnets & heels. When you return you ask  `How do I look?`Are you ready for me to sit your face for a long time. You will be squashed?` You sit on his face mostly in forward positions with only a little in reverse this time please & could you use some of the shots & angles that you used in my `Front Straddle White Stockings`  clip? While sitting on him you say `What if someone came in now! How would I explain me sitting on your face in my short skirt?. You are lying on the floor and I am sitting on you!`. Later in the clip you sit on his chest & ask ` You like me sitting on your face don`t you. You like to feel me squashing you?` ( could this be filmed from a camera angle facing you form a POV from between your legs: sililiar to your giantess clips?). He says ` Very much` You say `You are a bad man for wanting me to sit on your face. It is lucky for you that I like to sit on you!  Feel free to say whatever  else you wish through the clip. At the end of the clip you sit back on his neck & ask. ` So, I have sat on your face. Will you work for nothing?` He says yes.\ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=27491 &iid=27491