28902 – CLIP – Crushing Your Hopes & Dreams

OK teacher\’s pet PERVE Boy!… So Your the teacher\’s pet wanna be?!.. You brought me these apples??.. Well I\’m going to CRUSH them!!.. lol.. I\’m going to step all over your lil apples & shatter your dreams under my stilettos!.. Sound familiar??.. he he.. Bring back memories of that HOT teacher in pantyhose & stilettos that you used to drool over all day long… Every single day & just WISH you could get close enough to her sexy legs & pretty feet to sniff her smelly hose & shoes??.. ha ha.. your pathetic!.. lol… Well MAYBE… IF your a good lil boy.. I just might let you massage my sweaty stocking feet one day after class!!.. lol… But for now… I\’m done crushing your apples – clean up this MESS & Lick my stilettos clean!!!.. See you tomorrow in class!.. he he 🙂

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