29027 – CLIP – Molly & Nicole Stand Full Weight On Mark\’s Head At The Same Time

Molly & Nicole stand full weight on Mark\’s head at the same time, both girls place a foot on his head & raise their other leg in the air so they have all their weight on his head at the same time. Molly says \ head is gonna cave in\ this is Molly\’s first time at double head trample & she is wearing big thick pole dancers shoes & Nicolle is wearing sexy black patent high heels, Molly weighs 9 stone & Nicole is 13 stone thats a combined weight of 22 stone (308lbs) on his head at the same time whilst these 18 & 19 year old girls step on him & giggle as he squirms & suffers under them. (Clip is 2:54) &iid=29027 &iid=29027