29131 – CLIP – Ash and spit for you, Diva Sara Akeera

FETISH: SMOKE, SPIT, ASH, HUMILIATION, DIRTY ABUSE, POV & MUCH MOREDiva Sara sits in her Lounge, dressed in black leather, smoking and needing you, to serve her as ashtray. But not enough you are also allowed to take her spit, before you have the honour to get the mixed \https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=62cocktail\https://www.yoogirls.com/affin.php?cid=yoogirlsblog&sid=62.This great POV clips puts you in the of role of a human rubbish bin, so better listen very well to your Mistress and enjoy the video naked on your knees now! You know, even the garbage of your Goddess makes you better…WORLD PREMIERE:International Lifeystle Diva Sara Akeera in german language, is a must see, for all slaves worldwide!

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