28176 – CLIP – faceslapping – mw – YOU ARE LATE – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 4:54. SCENARIO:\ door knocks, ( Mistress Veronica) wearing tight skirt and black shorts sitting on the couch reading, the door knocks again,she puts the magazine down and gets the door, a young man is behind the door, Mistress : oooooh please come in.Man: \ you\ still standing at the door.Mistress : smiles at his face and give him a hard slap; and says \ you are late\.Man: I…, then interrupted by another hard slap on the same cheek.Mistress: I dont want excuses now, you are 15 minutes late, you\’ll get 15 SLAPS; slaps him 15 slaps back and forth without stop , then she says \ Now I am ready to listen, why you are late ?\Man: I..I ..I Mistress : gives him one slap and says \What ??? \.Man: and I was unable to get a ride .Mistress: okay, and then ..Man:so I walked here, it took me time.Mistress: okay that sounds a reasonable excuse for me, then she holds his ear and drags him inside.Man: \ why is that, I thaught you just forgiven me\Mistress : \ well yes I did \, still grapping his ear firmly \ but weren\’t you supposed to clean the house before you left\.Man: But I did that.Mistress: \did what ??? you ass-hole\ ; letting lose of his ear and slapping his cheek,\ the house is still dirty like your face\ and give him another slap., \ now you will be punished \.Man: Isn\’t that enough??Mistress: laughs, \ I have not started yet\ holds his chin up with her left hand \ now tell me ,why you did not clean the house?\’Man: but I did.Mistress: \ wrong answer\ ; and delivers 10 powerful slaps \ I will repeat the question again , why you did not clean the house?\Man: It is clean:Mistress: Smiles , and nods her head \ wrong answer\ gives him a series of 10 extremely powerful slaps , back and forth, \ and now, are you going to say why?\Man: I was busy watching the game.Mistress: \ what game?\Man: \football game\.Mistress : touches his red face with her hand \ you know I get mad when you dont do your work, why to watch game when you have work to do !!\.Man: I am sorry.Mistress: \ well sorry is not enough now\,\ kneel down \Man: kneels down.Mistress: lifts his chin up and starts a series of extremley hard slaps for 2-3 minutes.forehand and backhand, with lots of humiliating insults and powerful slaps.. \ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=28176 &iid=28176