29383 – CLIP – Girls Behaving WORSE: Alicia & Candice

After all this trying to get 18 year-old Alicia into bed, She\’s still fucking with me. We\’re chillin\’ at this hotel before the party we threw that night, She\’s watching TV & using my fucking face as a footrest for Her fucking smelly feet….then calls Her friend Candice over who is like…hmmm…ever hit on a Girl at a club & She\’s got a bossy little cock-blocking friend who steps in & pulls the Girl away from talking to you? That\’s Candice. She\’s loving the fact that She\’s got a human footrest to share with Alicia. Then they want footrubs. They make me keep track of time so each Princess gets Their stinky feet massaged equally. i\’m still waiting…Alicia takes forever to reply to my emails & calls & i haven\’t gotten anywhere with Her except for licking Her feet during our first shoot. i think They just wanted the cash from thie shoot!

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