29598 – CLIP – Holiday Treat For A slave

OK, how long ago was Christmas? We had these holiday cookies STILL sitting out and its like MONTHS later. So when Princess Chanel and I realized how disgusting our old, expired Christmas cookies where, We got rid of them in the most logical way…We threw them on the floor, stomped on them and drenched them with hot sauce and fed them into our human trashcan. (Our slave!) SOOO much more entertaining than just tossing them in a \ old-fashioned trashcan! LOL! Now that we own slaves (including Our own live-in slave!) We are pulling out the video camera all the time and entertaining Ourselves with new ways to play with Our \ toys\ LOL!!!! I mean, can you IMAGINE licking stale, mashed up cookie crumbs soaked in hot sauce off the bottom of someone else\’s SHOES just because they snapped their fingers & TOLD you to?? Then they LAUGH at you and call you names and MAKE FUN OF YOU while you do it???- yet you STILL do it!!! you slaves are SOOO pathetic!!! But I love it because it means you are SO easy to walk all over and USE for people like ME that are DOMINANT and know we were put on this earth to be WORSHIPPED, SERVED, & OBEYED BY OTHERS!!! 🙂

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