29691 – CLIP – Hard smelling domination and socks trample – Full clip / HD

Mistress Helena and Nikita turn back at home, they use a slave like a human footstool while she relaxe on the sofa and make him smell their stinky and sweaty socks, they rubs hardly their feet on the face of the slave. After the smell, Mistress Helena and Nikita want to divert theirself, they trample hardly the poor slave, they jump on him from the sofa, stand on his face, jump on his head, choke him and they like realy this.human footstool – smelling domination – stinky socks – sweaty socks – feet in face – humiliation – trample – multi trample – face standing – throat crushing – socks trample – barefeet trample – stompingQuality : HD 1920x1080Length : 12:57

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