29761 – CLIP – Worship My Goddess Feet

There you are down on the floor again at my feet right where you belong… my pretty lil feet are so sweaty smelly & dirty too… your going to worship them – whether you like it or not!… I know my feet smell & I know their dirty – I just don\’t care… I am a Goddess & it\’s your job to clean them… You are my servant & that means you need to lick all the toejam from between my pretty lil toes & all the sweat & dirt off my soft sexy soles… they stink so bad from being in my boots all day long & their still so dirty from when I walked outside barefoot just earlier today… worship my perfect lil sweaty smelly dirty goddess feet – it\’s your job… *** PLEASE NOTE *** Just a Reminder to My Customers – It will take longer to Download the Larger HD files [1080p HD – 1440 x 1080]

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