114897 – Slave consultation for married stupid piggys

How stupid are you? It borders on acute self-scaring, what you do there every day. What I mean? What does your dear wife have to do with it? Do you feel safe if you pull yourself back in your closet every night to wank in peace? Yes? You’re always waiting for your old man to pause and then you have to “work” something else. Right? You probably do that for years and actually you love your wife about everything and everything is so great, but then this cool kick would need somehow. Thousands of horny videos are slumbering on your hard drive and your prepaid Heimlich mobile gets a new charge every week. Correct? Phew – you full post! Do you really think she does not know? For how stupid do you think your beloved Ehefotze actually? Women are equipped with very sensitive “antennas” and get EVERYTHING with them. Yes, that’s right: EVERYTHING! Eh stub, she knows! Get it! She knows and she tolerates it. Yes exactly! Why? Well – I can tell you! You probably bring horny coal home and she tolerates it, because she herself is not better and gets herself elsewhere what she does not get from you bedtime wanker. EVERY single woman out there, married or not, is looking for her kick. Human dumbbell – WOMAN lives only once and do you really think she wants to spend the rest of her life only with such a cellar Heimlichwichser like you? Resolution here in the video!
Slave consultation for married stupid piggys
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