114881 – Bad boot slave gets a painful lesson

The slave has to lick my dirty riding boots and at first he does as he’s told – but then he starts acting up. Asking me if it’s enough telling me he doesn’t want to lick the boots anymore who does he think he is?! I’ll show him his place! I start slapping and punching him until he’s crawling up on the floor, begging for mercy. After some more kicks and punches I slam my boot sole on his throat and press down hard. That’s just what he deserves and now he knows exactly where his place is – beneath my boot soles – threatened to be crushed like a worm at any second – because that’s just what he is – a pathetic worm in a human’s body! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Bad boot slave gets a painful lesson
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