114975 – Wifey shows you how to Clitty rub right

Honey can you come over please just for a moment? Well what do you think about the lingerie i am wearing right now? Do you think Real men would love that? Wll but thats not the question i wanted to ask in the first place. I rather would like to hear your feminine opinion on it. You think i havent reconized honey? That you steal my lingerie and like to get feminized? Well i guess its now time to tell you the truth honey. You are not the husband that gets to fuck me. No, you are my clitty rubbing sissy bitch. Wifey is going to show you today how to masturbate like a girl and how to rub it the right way. Maybe i will make some use out of you in the future hubby we will see. Now just rub it bitch.
Wifey shows you how to Clitty rub right
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