114902 – My stinky, sweaty socks – SD

Puhh… I really wear my socks for quite a long time now! I’m sure you cannot expect the moment when I take off my shoes, can you…? I wore those socks the whole day and night! Even when I did my exhausting workout and when I was at this party, dancing a lot! Yes, I danced the whole night – and even when I went to bed I still wore them! Do you already can imagine the intense odor you will smell soon…? But don’t worry, you don’t need to wait any longer, I will take off my shoes now – and put my stinky, sweaty socks right towards your face. Come on and take a deep, long breath! But smelling my socks is not everything you will do – you will also smell the sweat right out off my shoes. I’m sure you will remember this special odor for eternity!
My stinky, sweaty socks - SD
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