114804 – Sweaty Nightclub Feet

Cynthia walks in for her shoot and has our 18 year old ‘young boy’ peel off her cute ankle boots. “Ok now you can sniff the bottom.” she says holding her foot up to his face! Her nylons smelled soooo bad! She was out partying the night before, dancing all night, and now she’s making the poor boy sniff her sweaty nyloned feet!After taking a whiff he backs off a bit! It was really funny to see the expression on his face lol. She makes him lie on the ground and smothers his face under her feet! You could hear the sounds of his heavy breathing as he inhales through the nose! The smell was so strong he coughed a few times during the clip! It was hilarious! Even Cynthia snickered a few times while listening to him sniff! Dancing club feet fresh out of boots…ewww. Thank god I was just camera man!
Sweaty Nightclub Feet
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