115030 – The Poor Slave

Goddess Vivienne l’Amour. I am sure you know her already. Another merciless and beautiful goddess. The slave Elvis is about to go out to meet some friends wearing a nice white shirt and some blue jeans, but Goddess Vivienne wants to have some fun before. So Elvis will be trampled and abused. Goddess Vivienne wants to wipe her very muddy leather riding boots and she wants to use Elvis as a human doormat. And that’s exactly what she is doing. The Goddess is smoking a cigarette as well using Elvis as a human ashtray. The pathetic slave has to lick these muddy and filthy riding boots also. You can imagine his white shirt after the trampling with these boots. Elvis is totally humiliated as the Goddess is spitting on him as well. Of course when Goddess Vivienne has finished her cigarette she just drops the cigarette into the slave’s mouth. After that the Goddess decides to smother the slave with the cigarette still in his mouth. That’s so merciless, isn’t it ? That was punishment number 4 (fourth clip) for Elvis as you remember from the previous clips with Goddess Vivienne, so he was very abused already.
The Poor Slave
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