111542 – 4466 I was wrong

I already tried it. Old balloon did not survived 2nd compressor blowing after flying away and deflating. This time Katya had to do a lot of job. She almost deflated it after initial extension to let compressor add enough air to not to wait half of an hour. Anyway, machine job passed. She blew it well and occasionally released, but was lucky to capture quickly enough. D*mn, Katya herself blows as a compressor! Anyway, she lost hope a bit and was offering S2P, but…. Yes, she won in a B2P way. Trying to sit on it could hurt backbone after falling.And you know what? I was thinking that Gemar GD220 is kinda 22”. Something possible to blow. But actually it’s rated as 80 cm (31”), so was more like 36” when exploded.
4466 I was wrong
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