116240 – Legs Trampling more painfull with my black Pumps

My slave liked it when I trample his legs.If that is his wish, I will fulfill that too.I wear my black pumps and nylons and begin to trample my slave’s legs.After a short time my slave regrets to have expressed this wish. His legs are covered with heel marks.I stand with my full weight on his legs. The heels of my pumps have sharp edges. It can not be avoided that I slip off again and again and pull some scratches on the legs of my slave.This pleases me immensely as after a few minutes many scratches and heel marks can be seen on the legs of my slave.What a great clip. I think that was a very painful experience for my slave, but desire is desire.I love when my slave is in pain. That is the greatest pleasure for me and my feet. I think the next leg trampling will make it even more painful for my slave. Let’s see how much he can stand.See you.Running time: 4m21sec.
Legs Trampling more painfull with my black Pumps
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