113523 – Smoking On The Leather Couch (FULL HD) – Lady Danica

Next clip with lady Danica who is wearing interesting jeans in a riding style, a red jacket and high heels. it seems she is coming home into her mansion after the inspection of the stables cuz she is already armed with a riding crop. well…and if the lady of the mansion inspects her stables this usually ends in well striped backsides of her slaves cuz she is never satisfied with the work of her slaves. after such a hard work its time to relax in the ladys chamber with the leather sofa. she sits down and starts to smoke a cigarette… lots of full loads of smoke now and provocating smoking… and when she puts out the cigarette in the ashtray you may imagine where this cigarette could be next time… clip duration: 07.40 mins. nice price.
Smoking On The Leather Couch (FULL HD) - Lady Danica
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