116519 – Lisa – Bathroom Cleaner

Lisa tells Alex to clean her bathroom, but he is lazy and badly managed with his duty. When the Lisa comes back she saw that the slave done nothing and she must wash the floor by herself. Lisa is angry and want to make a lesson to lazy slave. She cleans the floor with a little soapy water and then tells Alex to open his mouth. Lisa squeezed all the water from the mop into the slave’s mouth and tells him to swallow it. Alex swallows this disgusting dirty water. Then Lisa tells the slave to suck all dirty water from the mop. Finally Lisa tells Alex to lick and clean the dirty soles of her shoes. She just came from work so all street dirt must be licked and swallowed too. When the slave is finished Lisa tells him to re-done this work and leaves him locked in the bathroom.
Lisa - Bathroom Cleaner
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