116821 – Addicted to the jingle

Includes – chastity – femdom pov – cock tease – ebony – lingerie – chastity tasks – slave training Do you hear that? The jingle of this cock cage as it bashes against the keys?That is your cock you know… these keys are your cock. Made your cock leap into action didn’t it? Oooh I bet that really hurt…It’s funny how easy it is for me to get your cock to obey just by shaking these keys in front of you. Like a little remote control direct from my fingers to your cock! I love it!Since I locked your cock away you have become the complete perfect slave… so attentive. So devoted. Mmm, I love the power that having your keys gives me. In fact I want you to worship these keys! And the hands that hold them. Because after all we wouldn’t want you to disappoint me and make me have to extend your stay in chastity now would we?
Addicted to the jingle
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