118194 – Inhale Pet – So … and so weak

Omg that tiny little bottle is calling your name again pet, isnt it? Like you could say no to me and my demanding attitude when looking so hot and gorgeous. You dont have a chance. So better go already on your knees and be prepared to get fucked hard. Now obey my commands pet and show what awesome tricks you can do. Show me how hard and long you can take a deep breath in. How does my little per feel now? Ohh im just getting started. I will make sure that you will not forget this session. I also will make sure to leave some marks where it will hurt you the most. Keep ALL your Creditcards ready my braindead pet.I get everytime what i want and so will i today. I will fuck you so hard that you will only know one word and that is YES. Now be a good Inhale pet and make me proud of you. NOW!
Inhale Pet - So ... and so weak
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