118217 – Blackmail – Craving the Bond JOI

Oh my lost, poor and littly boy.How much you crave to be blackmailed by me. How much you crave that truly special bond between us. You know that this could bring you into real trouble if you finally give yourself to me but that makes it even better, even hotter, right pet? You truly suffer already. That how much you really want it, really craving it. You need the excitment und you want me so bad. Yes you need me like the air to breath.If you take that step into the deep and dangerous blackmail waters you could win so much.Excitment, PLeasure, Joy and that really special bond between you and me that most can only dream of. What do you think about if i am going to make you my pet today? How about you just start stroking that cock for me? I know just the thought of blackmailing and me talking about it makes you so hot and horny. Go on pet, start stroking already and then tell me how good it feels doing it for me. You want more, dont you? More from me? Let me hear it. Let me hear that you love me, that you love my body, that you love my voice, that you love my control, let me hear how much you really love everything about me. And know anser all my questions little pet. You will be mine in no time.
Blackmail - Craving the Bond JOI
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