156556 – For all those Instagram stupid sluts

I’m at home, relaxing, and then I saw how much dishes I have in my kitchen. Don’t even think that one Goddess will clean them. Hahah, no. That’s job for a stupid sluts like you. You can clearly see that my floor isn’t clean ether, so you can clean that after dishes. So much tasks for you today, sluts. But before you do that and start sleaning my sweaty feet and socks, I want to say something to that one stupid slut who thinks that is so smarter then me. Oh, you don’t want to make your Goddess mad, that’s for sure. But this slut didn’t know that, since he’s thinking with his little winny between his legs. Well, if he things with THAT, that doesn’t make him a smart person, does it? So slut, continue buying my videos, you’re that stupid to just put your money right in my pocket haha. But enough with that bitch, we have a job to do here sluts, so get on to it. This is just a lesson for all of you, you really don’t want to mess with me. Foot Goddess Mia POV, FULL HD
For all those Instagram stupid sluts
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