156557 – Babysitter’s blackmail-fantasy

I know your dirty little secret. Oh yeah, I know it. I saw how you watch my feet while I work. You are totally mesmerized with my sweaty soles, just couldn’t take your eyes of them. But you made one mistake and that one mistake is going to change your life forever. You left your laptop opened and I saw what you like. I saw all those clips with feet and then it hit me. Now I now how to use you, how to own you. Oh, I know you would like that, but even if you don’t, I have your wife’s phone number. Imagine her face when I call her and tell her what her husband is doing behind her back. You wouldn’t like it, would you? It’s so amazing how you can have someone’s life in your hand and control it completely. It’s really amusing. So, slut, if you don’t want to disappoint your Goddess, you better send me your money, that would make me very happy.Just think about all the things that I can do with it. In the end, I have more needs then you now, so you have to obey. Be a good little slut and do what I tell you to, then we won’t have any problems. You have one hour slut! The clock is ticking. Foot Goddess Mia POV – FULL HD
Babysitter's blackmail-fantasy
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